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AURA is currently the largest and fastest growing Australian owned holiday rental website with thousands of holiday houses, furnished apartments and short-term accommodation listings.

Some of the many benefits of listing with us:

  • Free listing - No listing fees, no nightly fees, no reconciliations and no commissions charged to the property owner. AURA makes its margin by charging guests directly a booking service fee once the booking is confirmed and accepted.
  • Request or Live Bookings - You can either receive request bookings or live bookings if you connect to AURA via a channel manager.
  • Some of the lowest margins in the industry – Our margins (the difference between what the guest pays and what the property owner receives) are some of the lowest in the industry - 10% for request bookings and 10% for live channel-manager bookings.
  • Advanced Technology – Flexible and easy to use website, makes updating your listing and responding to bookings hassle free.
  • Synchronise Data, Calendars, Availability and Pricing - If you are working with another website similar to ours, or channel managers, then we can automatically synchronise your information and get your property listing up and running quickly.
  • Direct Communication – Communicate directly with request-booking customers and have complete control of who rents your property.
  • Quick Payments - Accept payments directly from customers.
  • Property Promotion – Your property will be featured on our site and can also promoted on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Google+.
  • Great Testimonials - see what other owners and managers have to say about AURA.
  • Be part of something great! AURA is the fastest growing holiday accommodation site in your neighbourhood. Join us!

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How do I list my property?

  1. Log into the AURA website by quickly creating an account or using one of your existing social logins (Facebook, Twitter, Google).
  2. Once your new AURA account has been verified you can start adding your property details.
  3. Before you go live on an AURA team member will check the details are correct and confirm your listing.

If you need help creating an AURA account or have any questions click here to contact us.