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Generic Voucher Terms & Conditions

  1. Voucher values are as specified on the voucher itself.
  2. Limit of one voucher per booking transaction.
  3. Can only be redeemed for AURA booking payments on the AURA website.
  4. Vouchers cannot be redeemed after a booking has been confirmed/accepted.
  5. Vouchers cannot be combined with any other cash-off price, sales, promotions or coupons.
  6. Vouchers cannot be exchanged, refunded, replaced or redeemed for cash or payment of accounts.
  7. Each voucher if valid for a limited time only and expires on the date specified.
  8. AURA reserves the right to cancel Voucher promotions at any time.
  9. These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior written notice.
  10. All Bookings are subject to AURA’s Website, Privacy and Booking Terms & Conditions
  11. Vouchers cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.
  12. AURA prohibits the posting of the Voucher or Voucher Code on the Internet or any public forum, or the forwarding or giving of the voucher code to any other person.
  13. In addition to these Generic Voucher Terms & Conditions, Voucher specific Terms & Conditions also apply. Check your voucher code for additional Voucher specific Terms & Conditions.

Reedem your Voucher

  1. Firstly, search and find the desired property on the AURA website - aura.travel.
  2. Follow the booking process until you are prompted to make a payment (depending on the type of property you are booking, the process and booking steps may be different).
  3. Eligible Vouchers may be redeemed at the booking confirmation & payment time.
  4. Simply click on the ' redeem discount voucher' link and enter your Voucher's Code.
  5. If eligible, the discount amount will be applied to the total booking cost and effectively deducted from the payment total.
  6. Proceed to make the payment and continue with the normal booking process flow.