Below are the typical steps in making a booking:

1. Search for a place to stay

Search can be performed in several ways: a) by simply typing the name of a region, town, or property name in the search box on the site; b) by browsing through the site by state, region and town; or c) by clicking on a place on the map - this will bring up the accommodation we find closest to that place.

2. Click View for further information on a particular property

Property listings (search results) provide a photo thumbnail, a short summary of the property description as well as several features such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms, people capacity and distance from the search place. From the listings you can select to view a particular property.

3. Check Calendar/Availability if free then continue with booking enquiry

Unless you have specified the travelling dates in the advanced settings of the search, you will need to make sure the property is available prior to making a booking inquiry.

4 Select the number of people for the booking, travel dates and any other required information

5. Click on Make a Booking Request and fill out the information required on the booking form

6. The property receives your booking enquiry and will have up to 48 hours to liaise with you

7. If the property is available, the owner of the property will finalise the booking and payment with you

AURA has several types of property listings featured on its website. These differ in their origin, management, inclusions and lifestyle philosophy. Some of them are owned by AURA direct (and constitue the bulk of the premium lifestyle experience destinations), while others come from some of our partners or affiliates who fulfil the bookings. Symbols/markings associated with each listing indicate if that particular listing is an AURA owned, partner/affiliate or external listing.

AURA Plus Property AURA Listing AURA Partner Property AURA Affiliate Property