Morgan Suites

Self-contained apartment in South Brisbane

Morgan Suites consist of a number of new apartment buildings that cater for both long term and short term stays. Whether your stay is corporate in nature or for a holiday, Morgan Suites will ensure your stay will us is a comfortable one.

$135.00 - $1,305.00
7 options
Book from $135.00 per day Low commission
This property has 7 accommodation options - enter dates above to check availability
Modern executive one bedroom apartment on lower floors.


Max. 2 guests (included) Min. 1 night
from $135.00
Modern executive one bedroom apartment on higher floor with mountain views.


Max. 2 guests (included) Min. 1 night
from $140.00
Modern executive one bedroom apartment on higher floors with city views.


Max. 2 guests (included) Min. 1 night
from $150.00
Modern executive two bedroom (1 bathroom) apartment on lower floors.


Max. 4 guests (included) Min. 1 night
from $210.00
Modern executive two bedroom apartment on higher floors with mountain views.


Max. 4 guests (included) Min. 1 night
from $240.00
Modern executive two bedroom apartment on higher floors with city views.


Max. 4 guests (included) Min. 1 night
from $250.00
Modern executive two bedroom apartment.


Max. 4 guests (included) Min. 1 night
from $200.00

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When it comes to location and amenities, Station 16 & Artisan are central to everything. Right in the heart of South Brisbane, South Bank, adjacent to the excitement of the CBD and the delights of West End, Morgan Suites Apartments are close to all the things in life that makes staying in today’s Brisbane so enjoyable.

Morgan Suites in is a Family operated business providing friendly, quality service to the highest of professional standards. With more than 25 years experience in residential apartment management you can be absolutely assured that your tenancy, and all aspects of the property will be maintained with the utmost of attention to detail. At Morgan Suites we work hard to maintain our enviable reputation and we look forward to demonstrating the difference that is quality, professional property management.


  • No smoking
  • Pool
  • Kitchen
  • Television
  • Air conditioning
  • Linen supplied
  • Internet access
  • Fans (ceiling/standard)
  • DVD
  • Gym
  • Dishwasher
  • Balcony
  • Clothes dryer
  • Hair dryer
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Lift / elevator
  • Local telephone calls included
  • Microwave
  • Secure parking onsite
  • Washing machine
  • Free WiFi


Morgan Suites is located at 16 Merivale Street, South Brisbane. NOTE: Merivale St is a one way street and we are
located on the right between the Go Between Bridge and Peel Street). Check in parking is provided in the visitors
car park (enter via the driveway on the entrance to Station 16). Secure parking is available for $15 per night.
For any further enquiries in relation to your booking please call 1300 657 041 or email us at


Location map

House rules

Each room requires a guardian of legal age (18 years or greater). This person will be the primary occupant of the room and assume responsibilities for, but not limited to, any damage, loss or other to Morgan Suites asset, property, fixture or fitting by way of signing Morgan Suites House Registration Card upon arrival. Please note a bond of $200 per 'non-credit card reservation' per apartment will be taken on check in.

  1. All registered guests of agree to abide by the Morgan Suites House Rules as follows;
  • Accept full financial responsibility for any damage caused to allocated apartment and its contents;
  • All accommodation must be prepaid prior to check in;
  • Agree that registered guests take full responsibility for the actions of any visitors, including damage caused to apartments or public areas and the rectification of such damages;
  • All guests may be asked to supply photo ID for Morgan Suites records/  verification upon arrival. " All guests will agree to be bound by the house rules during their stay;
  • Visitors of registered guests are not permitted in apartments or public areas between 10.30pm and 7am. Outside these times visitor numbers are restricted to four per apartment at any one time. Parties are strictly prohibited at any time — please refer to Party & Alcohol Consumption Policy. The Hotel reserves the right to refuse entry to any visitors;
  • A first and final warning will be issued to guest who breaches house rules. Upon issuing this warning, balcony doors within the apartment will be locked immediately for the remainder of the stay. Management reserves the right to evict any person(s) in breach of house rules without warning. Management reserves the right to refer any matter(s) to the Police.
  1. Registered guests and their visitors will respect privacy and comfort of other Morgan Suites guests by ensuring that;
  • Acceptable and appropriate noise levels are maintained at all times;
  • Their actions and behaviour do not disturb any other guests directly or indirectly for any reason;
  • Under no circumstances will any yelling from balconies or windows be permitted;
  • No nudity permitted in public view or from balconies.
  1. Abide by the following safety regulations;
  • No glass allowed in any public areas;
  • Careless and/or deliberate activation of Hotel Fire Alarm System, (including but not limited to in-room alarms, corridor manual call points, fire hoses, extinguishers and sprinkler systems) will be reported to the authorities who will impose a fine as set by Queensland Fire & Rescue Services and immediate eviction;
  • Under NO circumstances are guests to use Fire Escape Stairwells other than in the event of an emergency. Unauthorised use or obstruction of fire escape stairwells will result in immediate eviction and may result in a fine being imposed by the authorities;
  • Under NO circumstances are any items to be hung, thrown or dropped from the balconies or windows. Breach of this condition will result in immediate eviction and possible criminal charges;
  • No use or projection of laser lights or pens will be permitted from apartment interior, balconies or windows;
  • No climbing over or hanging from balconies or windows;
  • No signs to be hung or displayed from the apartment interior, balconies or windows;
  • Pool, spa and gym rules are to be followed completely at all times, minors must be supervised at all times;
  • Guest and visitors agree to provide staff with full authority to administer first-aid as deemed necessary in the event of emergency which may include calling an ambulance;
  • Careless or deliberate misuse of lifts may result in a fee and/or immediate eviction.
  1. The Hotel supports The Government's Tomorrow Queensland — Q2 Plan, which emphasis on harm minimisation and responsible behaviour for consumption of alcohol. This will include, but not be limited to the following conditions:
  • Under management discretion, if any guests or their visitors display irresponsible alcohol consumption or behaviour, including but not limited to irresponsible under-age consumption of alcohol: management reserves the right to contact authorities;
  • No alcohol is to be consumed in hotel common areas or corridors;
  • No alcohol is to be consumed in the Hotel lobby, lifts or glass bottles in the pool areas;
  • No glassware is to be taken into pool areas;
  • The consumption of illegal substances (which includes alcohol for those under the age of 18 years of age) is not permitted under any circumstances anywhere in the Hotel;
  • Excessive possession of alcohol is prohibited in apartments and any unresolved matter will be referred to the authorities. Refusal to co-operate with management may lead to eviction.
  1. Maintenance of original condition of Morgan Suites asset;
  • All guests agree to ensure the allocated apartment is returned in the same condition as at time of initial occupation. In the event this is not the case the registered guest will bear the expense of appropriate rectification as deemed reasonable by Morgan Suites, should the apartment be unsellable, extra nights' accommodation may be charged to guest account.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the apartment. Should you decide to smoke inside the apartment a charge of $200 will be applied to your account, This charge is to meet the cost of cleaning soft furnishings, curtains, carpets and replacing air conditioning filters to restore the room to a smoke free environment, in keeping with the expectations of our non-smoking guests;
  • Any damage or breakages MUST be reported immediately;
  • Management reserves the rights to perform routine room inspection of apartments. Apartments are expected to be kept tidy and presentable at all times.
  • A fee of $45.00 per access device will be charged for lost apartment keys if metal keys are misplaced the cost of re-barreling the lock is also charged;
  • Crockery, utensils and furniture must NOT be taken from one apartment to another;
  • Accommodation that includes daily servicing will be strictly limited to: refresh of towels, replenish amenities, bed make up, removal of rubbish from allocated bins only;
  • Any housekeeping services over and above standard procedure will incur a mandatory additional charge from $50.00 per hour.
  1. Check in
  • Check in time on day of arrival will be from 2.00pm;
  • Access to allotted room will under no circumstances be allowed until all registered guests have signed, understood and agreed to all Morgan Suites Registration Card;
  • No room charging facilities will be offered to guests whom do not supply a credit card imprint against reservation;
  • Guests requiring a car park will be required to provide vehicle registration details on their registration card. Guests must only park in their nominated car parking bay.
  1. Check-Out
  • Check-out time on the day of departure will be no later than 10.00am. Late check-out must be pre-organised and approved by management, charges will apply for any late check out after 10am.
  • Bonds will only be refunded upon check out once your apartment has been inspected and we have determined there is no damage. Please allow up to 60 minutes for inspection, in the event of an damages, it may take up to 48 hours to complete this refund process.

Body Corporate By-Laws

  1. Noise.  The occupier of a lot must not create noise likely to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of a person lawfully on another lot or the Common Property and must comply with any approval for the Scheme Land regulating noise levels.
  2. Vehicles.  The occupier of a lot must not, without the body corporate written approval: park a vehicle, or allow a vehicle to stand, on Common Property - this includes all driveways within the car parks & entry. No visitors cars are permitted inside the roller shutter at any time.
  3. Damage to Common Property.  The occupier of a lot must not mark, paint, drive nails or screws or other objects into, or otherwise damage or deface, any structure that forms part of the Common Property except with the written approval of the Body Corporate. 
  4. Depositing Rubbish on Common Property.  The occupier of a lot must not leave rubbish or other materials on the Common Property in a way or place likely to interfere with the enjoyment of the Common Property by someone else.
  5. Infectious Diseases.  In the event of any infectious diseases which may require notification by virtue of any statute, regulation or ordinance happening in any lot, the occupier of the lot must give written notice thereof and any other information which may be required relative thereto to the Body Corporate and shall pay to the Body Corporate the expenses incurred by the Body Corporate of disinfecting the lot and any part of the Common Property required to be disinfected and to replace any articles or things the destruction of which may be rendered necessary by such disease.
  6. Behaviour of Guests & Invitees.
    1. The occupier of a lot must take reasonable steps to ensure that the occupier’s invitees do not behave in a manner likely to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of another lot or the Common Property.
    2. The occupier of a lot is liable to compensate the Body Corporate in respect of all damage to the Common Property or damage to Body Corporate assets caused by the occupier or their servants, agents, licensees or invitees.
    3. The occupier of a lot is to ensure that any other occupier of the lot or their invitees comply with these by-laws.
    4. The duties and obligations imposed by these by-laws on an occupier of a lot must be observed not only by the occupier but also by the guests, servants, employees, agents, children, invitees and licensees of such occupier.
    5. Where the Body Corporate expends money to make good damage caused by a breach of the Act, the Regulation Module or of these by-laws by any occupier of a lot or the guests, servants, employees, agents, children, invitees or licensees of the occupier of a lot or any of them, the Body Corporate is entitled to recover the amount so expended as a debt in any action in any Court of competent jurisdiction from the owner of the lot at a time when the breach occurred.
  7. Litter. 

The occupier must not throw or allow to fall or permit or suffer to be thrown or to fall any paper, rubbish, refuse, cigarette butt or other substance or article whatsoever out of the windows or doors or down or from any staircases, skylights, balconies, the roof or in passageways of the Building.  Any damage or costs for cleaning or repair caused by such breach must be borne by the occupier concerned.

Check-in & check-out times

Check-in: 14:00:00
Check-out: 10:00:00

Terms & conditions

Full Terms and Conditions & Deposit Policy 
Please enter your credit card details to secure your booking. Except in the case of advance purchases or pre-paid rates, your credit card will not be charged now but will be used to confirm your reservation. Cancellation fees may apply if your booking is cancelled outside of the cancellation period specified at the time of booking. Minimum age to register and stay is 18 years old.

Rates quoted are based on the number of occupants and length of stay and any alterations to these details may affect the nightly rate charged. Parking is $15 per vehicle per night. A day rate of $10 is available prior to and immediately after check in/out.

Confirmation of Reservation 
Online bookings require a valid credit card number to confirm your reservation. The card details are held by the Hotel as security for your reservation and utilised for any applicable cancellation or non-arrival fees, unless otherwise specified on the rate at the time of booking. Unless an alternative valid card or method of payment is provided upon check-out, this card will be used for all accommodation and ancillary costs and for any loss or damage to the room during the stay. Upon accepting these terms and conditions you accommodation total will be displayed which includes any credit card fees (see Credit Cards below)

At Check-In 
A valid credit card and photo-ID will be requested from the occupant of the room when checking in. Payment via third party credit cards may be arranged by contacting the Hotel directly. The hotel reserves the right to pre-authorise or charge a guests credit card at check-in up to the value of the stay.

Check-In and Check-Out Times 
Kindly note that check-in is from 2PM to 6PM (Sunday 4PM) and check-out is before 10AM. Earlier arrival and later departure times can be arranged, subject to availability, however applicable day-use charges may also apply.

Credit Cards 
By agreeing to these terms and conditions you acknowledge that the credit card provided will be used for payment of all accommodation and ancillary costs charged to the room after check-in, for any loss or damage to the room during the stay, and for any cancellation or non-arrival fees, unless an alternative arrangement with you or the named guest has been made with the Hotel. Please note that a 0.8% surcharge applies at the time of payment for payments with MasterCard and Visa credit cards and that a 3.4% surcharge applies for payments with American Express. This surcharge is shown to you on the next screen once you are ready to book.

Debit Cards (Visa or MasterCard) 
By agreeing to these terms and conditions you acknowledge that If you have secured the booking with a Visa or MasterCard Debit Card be aware that the hotel reserves the right to take payment or pre-authorise the booking payment prior to arrival (especially if arriving after hours). If the card is declined due to insufficient funds on the card the booking may be cancelled.

Room Servicing 
Apartments are not serviced daily. Unless otherwise stated, servicing of apartments is not performed on stays from 1-3 nights. Information on service scheduling for stays greater than 3 nights are supplied in the room or upon request. If you are on a non-serviced package (7 night special rate) you will receive an initial supply of toiletries and consumables upon arrival. Linen changes are performed on stays greater than 7 days.

Cancellation by the Hotel 
The Hotel reserves the right to cancel or amend your booking in the event of a computer, website or system error which results in the display or communication of incorrect availability, room rate or other incorrect details relating to your booking. The Hotel will advise you as soon as possible in the event of such an error.

This hotel has a strict No Party policy and guests breaching this policy will be asked to leave.

Cancellation Policy 
Cancel by 2PM on the day prior to arrival to avoid cancellation penalties. A cancellation fee of the first night's package price will be charged for any reservation cancelled after this time. If multiple cancellation terms are stated, the most restrictive requirement will be applied. A 'No Show' will also attract a cancellation fee of the first night's package price.


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