Christies Cottage: Relocation and holiday short term rental.

2 bedroom Cottage for rent in Christies Beach

Sleeps: 5
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Min nights: 3

$88.28 - $139.11*per dayprice range estimate for 4 guests*



Quality short stay accommodation in popular seaside suburbs. Our fully furnished and equipped privately owned houses, cottages and units are in Adelaide South Australia. Perfect for your holidays, attending a conference, a business trip or independent travel, an alternative to a hotel, motel or a long term lease, for romantic getaways, family vacations, migrant accommodation, work relocation or interim accommodation when moving house, renovating, building or before settling permanently in Adelaide.

Christies cottage is situated in the grounds of Boomerang house. Both properties are available to rent.

If you are looking for a holiday or furnished migrant rental and looking for a quality short or long term furnished rental home in Adelaide South Australia, then look no further. Our short and long- term on arrival rental accommodation offers you furnished house rentals that are within walking distance to beaches, shops and transport.

Read more about our fantastic rental locations here along with images of the surrounding areas.

For the best equipped and furnished houses in great locations, our Homes Down Under will cater for your short or long term stay. We have the perfect rental homes whether you’re looking for a quality furnished holiday home, arriving as a new migrant with your family, or visiting as a corporate client. If you take a look at our furnished rental homes in Adelaide you can choose a property that suits you and your budget.

Our homes are all located in the scenic southern areas of Adelaide in the popular suburbs of Port Noarlunga and Christies Beach.

They are in an ideal location as a starting point for your new life, your holiday or your business venture. They offer a stress free way of finding your feet, discovering Adelaide or relaxing whilst on holiday.

With gorgeous beaches on your doorstep, shopping centres, cinemas, sports centres and transport hubs only a few minutes WALK away everything is within easy reach. The wine-lands district of Mclaren Vale and quiet coastal towns are also only a short distance away. There really is no better place to stay.

Whether you are on a reccie, planning to move here, searching for a new home, a job, schools or sightseeing, our homes are situated just right for you. Is it a stress free, cost effective and comfortable place to stay that you are looking for? Then you have found the right place. Compared to hotel accommodation our homes are great value for money.

All our homes are also available as a long term furnished rental at discounted rates.

Looking to move here? We are on hand to help. We have a wealth of local knowledge assist you and to keep you informed. We can also ‘meet and greet’ and help with all your migrant issues (drivers licences, Medicare, tax numbers, bank accounts etc).

Here on holiday? We can recommend places to visit, to eat out and to day trip. Maps and tourist information booklets are provided at each home. Just arrive, unpack and relax in your Adelaide holiday home from home.

Our homes are secure and very well equipped. Our Boomerang house and Christie’s cottage offer a quality short-term rental with a pool. We have homes that are pet friendly and others that have been kept pet free. Our Adelaide short or long term rentals are safe, secure and enclosed, offering secure play areas for children. (Our Seaview, Riverview and Oceanview properties all have play parks for young children although parks and reserves are only minutes away from all homes).

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Hooper Place, Christies Beach SA 5165, Australia

Laundry facilities
Pets not allowed
No smoking
CD Player
Accept VISA
Accept MasterCard
Air conditioning
Linen supplied
Undercover or off street parking
Internet access
Tea/Coffee Making Facilities
Boat Ramp Nearby
TV with teletext/caption functions
Baby Cot
Bath towels provided
Cooking facilities
Electric stove
Hair dryer
Iron and ironing board
Level access
Reverse cycle heating
Outdoor pool
Train nearby
Vacuum system
Walk to the shops
Washing machine
Bus nearby
Free WiFi

No smoking policy.

Behaviour that affects neighbours not acceptable. No loud noise and parties / social activities affecting neighbours.

Pool gates to remain closed at all times (never propped open).

Ball games not allowed.

Homes Down Under: Terms and Conditions of Rental

We have found that over time there are a number of rental issues that perhaps wouldn’t arise if more information were provided concerning what services we provide and of what’s expected in our homes. Our terms and conditions now consist of many pages and it is hoped that this clarity is helpful for our guests. Many of the terms and conditions may seem a little harsh or out of place but if you give it some thought, you can appreciate that we get guests across the entire spectrum of backgrounds. What may seem acceptable to one person may be offensive to another. As such we have attempted to explain our terms and conditions by referring to actual occurrences that we have experienced. 

You can therefore appreciate that we are attempting to cover as many issues as possible. We are fair and reasonable people and request that our guests who stay with us behave in a fair and reasonable manner.

The majority of our guests are the most wonderful, friendly, helpful and considerate people. But like everything in life there are exceptions. These terms and conditions are in a large part aimed at those who are not considerate and who do not “play fair” so to speak. As an example: Our homes are restored to their pre guest condition (and cleaned) before the new guests arrive and this may take two people around 3 to 4 hours depending upon the size of the property. On one occasion it took 12 hours! This was therefore not a “standard clean” and the cleaners passed on the additional fees. The offending guest refused to pay the additional cleaning fees on the grounds that we knew that there were young children staying at the house, and that the condition that they left out home was therefore to be expected. It is not “fair and reasonable” to have to clean and repaint every wall and door in a newly painted home and it is expected that guests have respect for a well equipped and presented home.

By providing our guests with detailed terms and conditions we believe that telling you up front what we expect will lesson any confusion or possible conflict. This ensures that our guests are guaranteed clean, quality homes with all amenities. It also ensures that our guests are told beforehand what steps we will take to put our homes back into the condition they were in on the day that they moved in.

Arrival and Departure:

For incoming guests the properties are available from 16:00 on the day of your booking.

For those guests leaving, the property is to be vacated by 10.00am on the morning of your departure. This includes all luggage and belongings.

We are aware that this is not always that easy when children have to be taken to school, one partner may be at work, and multiple trips to the new house with cases and belongings are necessary. However…there may be people who have arrived on a morning flight who are waiting to get access.

It is very common for incoming guests to be arriving on the same day as guests who are leaving. Arrival and departure times have to be strictly adhered to unless arrangements have been made with us beforehand. We may only have a few hours turn around time between leaving and arriving guests and for the larger homes this is a very short time even with 3 or 4 people in a cleaning and maintenance team. There may also be damage, maintenance, swimming pools, barbies etc to sort out in this short period and any delay does cause a real problem for new guests.

If you require immediate access to the property (straight from the airport) it may be best to book the day before your arrival (at half price) to ensure that you get immediate access. This will ensure that you are not killing time waiting for the property to be cleaned.

Failure to vacate on time may cause inconvenience for the next arriving guests who often arrive at the airport on morning flights. If you delay our contracted cleaners we have no option than to pass on the additional cleaning charges. Labour costs are expensive in Australia and if the cleaners waste time waiting to get access to clean a home, this is still time that has to be paid for.

An excessive departure time may incur an additional one-day accommodation charge. We have had situations where guests vacate the property in the evening after returning from work. This is not acceptable and would incur the additional days charge.

New guests often go to banks, Medicare, and the drivers licence centre in the time period between 10:00 and 16:00 and sort out their essential admin.

Please do not arrive at the property before 16:00. (unless by prior arrangement). This includes any request to drop off your luggage. Luggage may be an obstruction and there are issues around security. It is best to check your luggage contents after your flight and although our properties are safe and secure it is advisable to keep your luggage in your possession until you have checked it…especially important from certain countries where baggage content theft may be common.

Arriving at the property early also puts pressure upon those restoring the property and causes them considerable delay.

It really is advisable to book the day before and then immediate entry to the property is guaranteed.

Rental Payment and Property Restoration

There is also a security depsoit.

In the homes that are pet friendly an additional $100 per pet per stay is payable.

Please enquire for suitable pet friendly properties to discuss what pets you may have.

Any damages / repairs / replacements will be deducted from your deposit before the balance is transferred back to you (within 21 days). If there are repairs / replacements to take care of the security deposit refund may be delayed but we will always try to refund you as soon as possible.

Fly screens often get damaged. People walk into them, children poke holes through them and pets sometimes destroy them completely! Damaged fly screens and other repairs will be contracted out to local companies. Their charges to collect / repair on site will be deducted from the security deposit.

Guests should have sufficient all risks insurance to cover their personal belongings. Our insurance does not cover the personal property of guests. A quick phone call to the local RAA will get you instant insurance cover. It is also advisable for guests to take out holiday, injury and medical insurance. We will always assist migrants to register with Medicare. If injury or illness should strike it may be necessary to claim from your cancellation insurance cover and it is advisable that you take out adequate cover at the time of your booking.

We have comprehensive structural and contents insurance at all our properties. However, the excess payable per claim may be as high as $1000. If an incident does occur that’s a result of your negligence (a fire, broken window, reversing into carport roller door etc) you will be liable for the first $1000 of any damage claim.

There is a “No Smoking” policy in all our properties. Please do not leave your cigarette butts and packets outside our homes. Flowerpots are not ashtrays. An additional cleaning fee will be charged to remove any filth left inside or in the grounds of our homes.

Shoes are to be taken off at the door at the supplied shoe rack to keep floors and carpets in good condition.

Additional cleaning fees will also be charged to remove nicotine stains and smells inside our homes.

We allow pets in 3 our homes but they are not allowed on our furniture and are not allowed in carpeted homes. If pets are allowed it will be necessary to fumigate our homes upon your departure to prevent possible problems for future guests. Fumigation will incur an additional charge for all occasions a where pets reside at our properties. Please expect a higher cleaning fee if there is excessive hair and cleaning to be done. Cleaning will be more when pets are allowed as removal of hair, additional laundry charges, and cleaning of walls can take considerable time. Animal waste must be removed and areas washed down. The additional cleaning fee is $100 per pet over and above any property restoration / cleaning fee.

Upon departure please ensure that:

  • No damage is done to the residence or its contents, beyond normal wear and tear. 
  • The renter disposes of all debris, rubbish and discards.
  • All bedding is stripped from beds and placed in front of washing machine.
  • Pots/Pans/Oven Wear is free from and food stains.
  • Any breakages are replaced and reported on departure.
  • All keys and remotes are left in an agreed place and are fully correct.
  • No linen is stained, lost or damaged.  Additional Washing / Dry Cleaning / Replacement charge will occur.
  • Personal cooking items like sandwich makers and barbecue are cleaned and ready for use by the incoming guests. (Our cleaners do not clean barbecues. If you choose not to clean the Barbie (it’s a horrid job I know!) it will be steam cleaned and a charge will be levied).
  • Batteries have not been removed or swapped in any of our remote controls or devices such as smoke alarms
  • Light globes have not been removed / replaced  / swapped (we have many LED globes which are expensive to purchase…missing globes will be replaced at your expense).

Additional Rental Conditions:

Tumble Dryers:

Boomerang House and Christies Cottage have a drying room. There is a supplied tumble dryer and you may use an extension cable to plug the dryer into your cottage or house supply. Due to the loss of supplied extension cables and adaptors it is no longer possible for us to provide them.


Please do not move any furniture in our homes. Our cleaners are not there to lift lounge suites and beds back to their original location.

It is easy to damage beds and floors by dragging furniture across floors. This is not acceptable and is very difficult to repair. We have had to repair our queen-sized beds due to support legs being broken.

Do not take any furniture outside as damage is caused by exposure to sun and rain. Please do not leave toys outside as they are easily damaged by sun and rain. Damaged toys will have to be replaced at your expense. Covers, blankets, pillows, cushions etc should not be taken from the houses into the pool area at the Christies Beach properties. We do not provide covers for the sun loungers.

Barbecues are supplied with covers. To protect them they should be recovered after use especially in winter (rain). It would be appreciated if you strap umbrellas during windy weather to prevent them from being damaged.

Items should not be removed from the properties. On one occasion a microwave oven and kettle was taken to a building site. This is not permitted. Please do not borrow any items (vacuums, cutlery, bedding etc) from the houses when you are in transition to your new rental and your container has not yet arrived. This causes all sorts of issues when items are mislaid and inventories are checked.

Please do not attempt to clean spills from our furniture or fittings with harsh chemical cleaners. Many carpet cleaning products cause bleach marks to furniture and carpets. We have professional steam cleaners for mattresses, lounge suites and carpets. All damaged items (carpets, lounge furniture, towels, mats etc) will have to be replaced.

If our appliances suffer a breakdown we will try to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. A washing machine broke down and a repair person could only visit 5 days later so we bought another machine and now have a spare. If a fridge breaks down we cannot replace like with like. We have 4 double door ice / water dispensing fridges but do not have a spare double door ice-dispensing fridge on hand. A backup may be a smaller portable fridge whilst the broken one is being repaired. We have no control over repair time and one repair took 5 weeks for a part to arrive!

Please take out insurance to cover your contents as our homeowners insurance covers the structure, fixtures and furniture contents but does not cover guest belongings. The contents of the freezer would not be covered for example.

There may be differences between appliances, furniture and contents as shown on any rental websites and our own Homesdownunder web site. Over time there is the need to replace things and a picture of a specific item does not necessarily mean that it is still at the property. This may mean that tv’s, fridges, washing machines, dryers lounge furniture, barbecues etc may have been replaced with other models.

Blocked Drains / Blocked washing machine water pumps


If sinks, baths, toilets, showers or drains become blocked please contact a professional. Steve from Hot Water Plumbing services our homes: Tel; 0402404597

If debris is flushed down toilets or items washed down sinks the charges will be for your account.

(Steve has had to remove stones from a drain, sand from sink traps, haircut hair from shower traps and even a plastic shopping bag from the toilet waste!) Blockages are very easy to avoid. Please throw waste into the bins provided. If a blockage does happen please avoid the use of drain cleaners as the incorrect use of these products can cause severe damage to the plumbing system.

If the fault is minor such as a leaking tap then please let us know.  Plumbing faults such as dripping taps and leaks are for our account. Leaks from taps are not solved by tightly closing the tap…this damages spindles and inevitably the leak gets worse.

Please do not allow children to leave taps or garden hoses running. All our homes are supplied with rainwater tanks and children at play can waste massive quantities of water.

If washing machines become blocked with hair clips, bottle tops, plastic or any other debris that is placed inside the machine this does not constitute fair wear and tear. A service fee will have to be charged for a call out and repair to clear the obstruction.

Dishwashers are not garbage disposal units and teabags, bottle tops, rice and spaghetti and large food items should not be placed inside the machines.

Towels / Bed Linen / Covers / Cushions / Chair Covers:

Please do not remove the towels from any property. Our towels should not be taken to the beach.

We charge $10 per person per stay to cover the hire of linen.

At the Boomerang House and Christies Cottage there are separate bathroom towels and pool towels. There are sufficient pool towels supplied. The pool towels have been clearly marked with indelible markers. These towels are clean but they may have stains or chlorine marks. Guests do not want to use stained or discoloured towels and we try our best to keep towels and linen in perfect condition

The use of chlorine and other chemicals in the swimming pool in combination with their use outside may stain and bleach the towels and household towels are not pool towels.

At the Christies Beach property all chair covers provided for indoor and outside settings should be kept away from the pool area to avoid damage from pool chemicals.

We provide pool loungers (4) but do not supply covers for the pool loungers.

Bathroom towels should therefore never be used as pool towels. Please do not wash items that are not colour fast in the same load as our linen. Discoloured linen will have to be replaced.

Staining and bleaching of house towels and other linen will result in their replacement at your expense. We leave all beds unmade. The reason for this is to ensure that you can see that the mattresses, mattress protectors, pillows, pillow protectors, sheets, duvets, duvet covers…are all clean. Please avoid the use of sunscreen, makeup, oils etc as this causes staining to mattresses and bedding. Please do no remove the towels and take them for mobile hairdressing! Tint cannot be removed from these towels and they will have to be replaced .If beds are unmade it’s easy for new guests to see that everything was in order when they moved in. Too many times we have been told ‘it was stained when we moved in”!  Our cleaners complete a checklist for every room. This system ensures that everything is clean and tidy and not in a damaged condition when you move in.

Garbage Removal:

Your rubbish will be collected on a weekly basis. There is a single driver in a left hand drive garbage truck. A mechanical arm picks up your dustbin and empties it into the truck. Please do not park in front of the dustbin or the truck will be unable to reach your bin. The driver WILL NOT get out and move your bin.

The dustbins at our properties have been clearly marked. Red lids are weekly waste. Yellow lids are 2 weekly recycling and green bins are 4 weekly garden waste.

Please place all your rubbish inside the bins to deter ants and flies.

Rubbish removal is weekly and occurs on Friday morning. Please put your bins out on Thursday evening. The bin wheels should face towards you and not towards the road. Sufficient space should be left between bins for the mechanical arm to be able to grab the bin without knocking down the neighbouring bin. (the council recommends a half metre). Bins are left side by side (with a space between the bins) on the kerb. They should be brought in after garbage collection has occurred. Riverview cottage and Seaview house may put their bins on the paved area on the kerb in front of the house next door if they like as 4 bins on waste and recycling days may block their driveway.

If you place the bin in the wrong place the driver will leave the bin. As recycling bins are only emptied every 2 weeks this will cause an issue with excess garbage accumulating. Please do not place massive amounts of rubbish on the kerb (Christmas for example) as rubbish that is not placed inside a bin will not be removed. Please do not park in front of the bins or the bin truck cannot pull up next to the bin to empty it.

Council rangers may issue fines for rubbish left in the street.

If you are unsure of what bin to put out or where to position your bin…look at your neighbours. 

Cameras are fitted to the dirt trucks so please avoid putting the wrong rubbish in the wrong bin.

If you miss the rubbish removal day and your move is before the next collection it will be necessary for you to take your rubbish to the local collection site. It is not acceptable for new guests to have to deal with previous guests excess garbage. This will also be the case if you purchase any item that has packaging that cannot be disposed of in the bins (boxes, polystyrene, broken suitcases etc).

The address of SA Waste Management, the nearest collection site is in nearby Lonsdale:

If you move and leave your rubbish for us to dispose of, a dumping charge will be deducted from your deposit.

Rubbish includes all bottles, cans, boxes and recyclables that you may have saved / collected and we are not responsible for the monetary value of any recyclable item that you leave behind and we dispose of.

It is not acceptable for garbage to accumulate as this causes pest control issues (flies and ants). Families with young children should make a special effort to remember to put their bins out every week as nappies in the hot summer weather can cause serious health and other issues. Please place nappies in bags! Having to deal with pest problems caused by raw nappies thrown into bins is not pleasant!!!

Pest control problems caused by your rubbish will be eliminated (residual poison spray) and a charge will for the treatment will be deducted from your deposit. We high-pressure clean the bins on a regular basis.

If your car leaks oil please clean it up when you leave. Oil stains must be cleaned from our driveways and the local hardware store has concrete cleaning products.

Laminate and Wooden Flooring:

Please avoid wetting the laminate flooring.

The floor can be damp cleaned with the supplied floor sponge / cleaner.

Many guests do not know how to clean laminate floors and the use of wet mops causes the entry of water into the joints causing them to swell…a damp cloth or the supplied floor cleaner is appropriate.

All damage to laminate floors will have to be repaired. Please avoid dropping objects and chipping the laminate.

Please clean up all spills immediately. Pet friendly homes should not have dogs locked inside the houses when you are away. Massive damage has been causes to wooden floors and laminate from agitated animals and they are to be put outside every time that you leave them alone.

If water penetrates the joints in the floor it will buckle and swell.

This will require sections of the floor to be lifted and replaced, and at your expense.

House Keys, Tags and Hooks:

If you lock yourself out of the house we do have spare keys to let you in. The minimum charge for this service will be $30. This may be considerably more if we are not in the local area and have to travel some distance to let you in. If you require us to let you into the property during the hours of midnight to 06:00 am the minimum charge will be $50.

Lost keys will incur a charge of $250. This will be the charge for a locksmith to change locks. If you return any key to us that is not the same as the one provided (you lose one and have another one made) we have no alternative than to get a locksmith to change the locks. Safety and security of our property and future guests is critical

Remote Controls:

If you have been supplied with garage remote controls (Riverview, Billabong, Oceanview) please look after them. Loss or damage to these remotes will incur a replacement charge of $150. This charge covers the cost of the replacement and also the reprogramming of the electronic door opener to prevent unauthorized access in the future.

Check that the garage door is fully open before reversing!

Please do not remove the remote control (or smoke alarm) batteries! There have been many occasions that guests have borrowed remote control batteries for use in cameras and children’s toys. The replacement of batteries will also be charged for.

Removal or switching of smoke alarm batteries can also cost lives.


Please respect your neighbours. Avoid activities that may affect them. This includes noise and behaviour that may affect those around you. Ball games are not allowed at our properties. Balls cause damage to plants (children trample flowers and plans to retrieve balls) and break windows and fly screens. Many of our guests need quiet time to do work for overseas companies. The incessant bouncing of basketballs and footballs causes annoyance. There are parks, football ovals, tennis courts etc very close by. We know the neighbours around each property and they have our contact numbers. Should we receive complaints from neighbours about anti social behaviour, as a last resort we reserve the right to terminate your stay. In such cases you may be given 48 hours to vacate the premises.


Please leave the barbecue in a clean condition. Treat the barbecue as you would a sandwich maker or a baking tray….clean it after use! I know that it’s a terrible item to clean but if you don’t clean it, someone else will have to (and they charge Australian Dollars for their time!).

The property may have a gas barbecue or a wood / charcoal barbecue. If the property has a wood / charcoal barbecue it will not have a gas barbecue. We do not supply charcoal or firelighters for barbecues. Barbecues should not be used for burning paper or other material. They are for cooking food and not for destroying old documents!

Please remember to turn off the cylinder after use to prevent a possible leak. On many occasions children turn the barbecue knobs and guests find the cylinder empty when they come to use it.

If your property has a gas barbecue it will be supplied with a gas cylinder but when empty replacement gas refills are your responsibility and for your account. Refills are available from your local Bunnings Warehouse store at the corner of Goldsmith Drive & Beach Rd, Noarlunga.

If you do not wish to swap the cylinder yourself you can phone (08) 8329 1000 and have a full cylinder delivered.

Please do not leave the home with an empty cylinder, as the cost of a refill will be recovered from your deposit. An empty cylinder is often the result of children turning on the barbecue (unlit) when the gas cylinder has not been closed.

Please do not swap your empty cylinder with a full one from an adjoining property. All cylinders are marked for that property and it’s not a nice thing to do!

Swimming Pool:

Pool safety is our most important term and condition. Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions can cause loss of life. Many children die in pool related incidents every year in Australia. Pool safety relies upon your co-operation.

A pool net has been supplied to provide extra protection but it can only work if you take a few minutes and secure it over the pool.

To ensure the safety of your children the pool net should be put over the pool every time swimming has ended.

It is your responsibility to supervise children at all times and we require you to indemnify us for each booking at a property with a pool.

Supervision does not take the form of online surfing or watching tv !

Sorry… but…if you don’t want to supervise your children then perhaps it’s best not to stay at a property with a pool.

We will maintain the chemical balance of the swimming pool. Guests should not put any chemicals into the pool. The floating chlorine dispensers should not be removed from the pool. They stain the paving, and towels and can be hazardous to young children. They are safe if left in the pool. Please do not touch or remove the filter baskets in the weir and pool pump. One stone will shatter the pool impeller and will result in the replacement of the pool pump.

We rely upon guests to help keep the swimming pool clean. This takes about 5 minutes of your time every day. Please don’t phone to say that leaves, spiders, twigs etc are in the pool…it’s not possible for us to visit the property every time the wind blows and your assistance is required to assist with your swimming comfort.

The pool cleaner should not be disconnected. Please leave it connected at all times so that it cleans the pool. If it’s not connected it can’t pick up sand and dirt and the pool will soon look dirty.

We visit the house every two weeks to boost the pool cleaner operating period / adjust chemical balance, and backwash the pool. A pool scoop-net and brush have been provided for your use. We cannot clean the pool every time the wind blows or a storm occurs. It will require a few minutes of your time to ensure your swimming comfort. We reply upon the guests to remove any debris that blows into the pool. If the guest does not do this or if the pool cleaner is not attached we cannot guarantee the swimming condition of the pool. Any debris that children throw into the pool should be retrieved immediately. This includes stones, pegs, goggles, items of clothing etc. A blocked pool cleaner will not remove dirt and debris and will cause the pool to become dirty and perhaps unswimmable. The pool can lose considerable water through evaporation and can be topped up from the water tanks and tap. Water should not be left running as the pool will overflow, diluting the chemicals and it may take considerable time to get the balance correct for your enjoyment.

Guests should please supervise their children at all times. Children have damaged the pool gates and posts by attempting to gain access to the pool. Please do not allow children to climb / swing on the gates and fencing. Please let us know immediately if the pool gates or fencing becomes damaged. Damage that allows unrestricted access to the pool area will result in the pool being closed, the net being placed over the pool and the pool will be unusable until the damage has been repaired. The supervision of children at all times cannot be under emphasised. We have had occasion where massive quantities of water (bucketed out) has been removed from the pool by children during unsupervised play. There has also been occasion where the pool equipment has been tampered with and the pool pump set to empty the pool resulting in the loss of over 7000 litres of water. The loss of pool chemicals and water in such instances will be charged for.

Self-closing gates should never be propped open….it is dangerous and illegal. The gates are fitted with double locks (inner and outer) and we have done everything possible to prevent mishap. Please help us to keep your children safe. It is an offence to prop open pool gates and we have removed all chairs from the outside area of the pool to prevent children from climbing over the fencing.

All chairs and other objects that can assist children to climb over fencing should be kept away from the pool enclosure at all times.

By booking with us you agree to keep the pool gates closed at all times, to supervise your children, and to replace the pool net after swimming.

Internet and Phones:

All our properties offer unlimited wireless internet.

We do not provide computer support and the set-up of your wireless device to our network. You will be supplied with the access code for your wireless devices but we cannot assist to set up your laptop or wireless device. We also cannot guarantee the speed or quality of a wireless signal as these factors are outside our control.

If you are having internet issues turning off your device or the modem for 15 seconds is usually the remedy.

Our properties may have the following option for an additional charge (may be fre for long term bookings)

Unlimited landline calls in Australia

Unlimited calls to all mobile networks in Australia

Unlimited calls to all landlines in the UK

Unlimited calls to all mobiles in the UK.

Please ask for this landline service to be activated. You also get a landline number for people to contact you on.

All calls outside the above will be charged for (calls to New Zealand for example). Additional call charges will be deducted from your security deposit.

This service is offered on a first come first serve basis. If activated on a cottage it will not be available for an adjoining house and vice versa. This is a landline and not a skype service.

Mail Redirection:

All guests should arrange that mail be redirected from the property when you move out. Identity fraud is a serious issue and it is not safe to not redirect your mail.

Please do not subscribe to “junk mail” whilst staying at our furnished home.

Spare letterboxes have been installed at the properties and any mail not redirected will be placed in these boxes for your collection. I previously redirected all mail but this soon exceeded 200 items per month! It also caused inconvenience for new guests especially in winter when large quantities of their mail would get wet in overcrowded mailboxes. Due to abuse from some guests  (monthly bank statements still arriving years after their stay, harassing e mails and texts when important mail is due) I will be unable to redirect mail. Arrangements should be made at the post office to redirect your mail. There are also companies such as and who will redirect your mail whilst you travel.

We are not responsible for any mail left uncollected at our properties.

If you are staying at one of our properties please place the mail addressed to other people in the box marked “spare mail collection” and do not take it inside the house. Former guests often check the mailbox and they are unable to pick up mail if you take it inside the house.


There’s always something weird and wonderful happening! Here are a few “do nots” which really go without saying. They are only listed here because they happened!

At properties with electronic roller doors children should not be given the remote control units as serious injury or death can occur to small children being crushed by roller doors.

We have 4 dishwashers. They are dishwashers and not garbage disposal units! Please wash plates of solid food before using them. They get blocked by rice, spaghetti, teabags, bottle tops etc and stop working. They then require cleaning upon your exit! Guests have left a note saying that the dishwasher doesn’t work very well!

If you break an item please don’t replace it with a cheapy from the local reject or Salvo’s shop! If you break a pirex dish please replace with a comparable quality and this goes for towels, plates etc.

Please check the inventory when you arrive…there are two…a short one and a complete one. The short one has a top 10 “high risk items’ like wine glasses, potato mashers, cups, plates, fly screens, bed linen, towels, wooden bench tops, floors, doors and walls on it. Please don’t tell us “it was like that when we moved in” it’s insulting! Please take a couple of minutes and let us know straight away if you find anything wrong.

Our carports are not spray painting booths. Please wait until you move if you would like to change the colour of your new car!

Our carports are not tennis courts…please respect your neighbours.

If you leave early on a morning it would be appreciated if you can have respect for your neighbours. If you stay at Riverview, please park outside so that you don’t wake people in adjoining homes.

Gas cooker tops are not heaters!

We have gardens with red mulch and areas with crushed stone. If children mix them together can you please separate them again? It’s much cheaper if you do it. No stones in drains please!

Please fill in any holes that your dog may dig in the garden or lawn and remember to pick up after them. If your dog is a yapper the neighbours may appreciate your efforts of “shut up’ quiet” or other kind words to make them quieter and be less of a disturbance to neighbours around you.

Please strap shade umbrellas…we live near the sea and the wind can occur suddenly. If you leave them up all day they may be gone when you return (over the neighbours wall)!

If you stay at one of the pet friendly properties please don’t lock your dog in the house all day when you are away. They damage doors, floors, blinds etc. Put them outside…a kennel is provided.

Our Oceanview house can be rented as a 3, 4 or 5 bedroomed home. Additional bedrooms beyond the 3 rented will not be accessible if you choose the 3 bed option and the upstairs rooms will be closed off.

Shade sails are provided at some houses between November and April (summer) and these sails are taken down during the winter period.

The pool will be covered at the end of summer. Removal of the safety net and pool blanket for a winter swim is fine as long as you replace them.

If you visit adult web sites please be aware of the consequences. Visits from the Australian Federal Police are not fun!


The property is privately owned and neither the owners nor any managing agents accept any liability or responsibility whatsoever for personal injury, accidents, loss or damage to persons or personal effects, however caused. Should a safety issue be present or arise it is critical that we be informed so as to remedy such issue as soon as is reasonably possible. It is agreed that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premise.

The owners and their agents reserve the right of entry to the property and grounds at any time. This includes tradespersons and other workers (such as pool maintenance, gardeners, property valuers, estate agents, telephone and satellite maintenance etc). We have storage areas at the houses for garden, pool, household goods etc and access to these areas is required for property maintenance.

We have taken all reasonable steps to ensure your safety. This includes pool fencing, self- closing gates, and a pool net, smoke alarms etc. However, we cannot be held liable for their failure, incorrect use or actions of other guests. The play park at Seaview and Riverview should only be used by children between the ages of 3 and 9 years old. You accept responsibility for any injury that may occur on such play equipment or on our premises and agree to indemnify us for any possible occurrence, injury, disability or death.

We do not allow parties or bookings from all male groups, or for groups of guests who are under the age of 21.

By confirming your booking with us you acknowledge having read and agree to all our terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to update and amend these terms and conditions at any time. Updates and amendments will be forwarded to you for your consent if you have already booked or are already renting one of our properties.

Please do not use these terms and conditions without our permission as they constitute intellectual copywrite of Homes Down Under and their unauthorized use is prohibited.

Kellys' Gulf View (1km away)
5   2   1 - $114.22 per day
Christies "No 1" Esplanade (2km away)
8   3   1 - $180.00 per day
Christies Cuttlefish (2km away)
8   3   1 - $180.00 per day
Christies Starfish (2km away)
8   3   1 - $180.00 per day
Christies Sea Urchin (2km away)
8   3   1 - $180.00 per day
Christies Jellyfish (2km away)
8   3   1 - $180.00 per day