3 bedroom Holiday house for rent in Wooli

Sleeps: 6
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 1
Min nights: 2 - 7

$190.00 - $290.00*per dayprice range estimate for 2 guests*

This 1940s shack has just been totally restored to its former glory, with the addition of 21st century comforts and technologies. The beachfront wall of Riptide opens up via a 4 meter sliding glass panel - merging the cosy living area directly with the beach atmosphere and provides uninterrupted views of the beach to the Solitary islands from inside the shack and from your outdoor breakfast bar.

The shack boasts three bedrooms, including two queen sized, and a funky set of adult sized bus bunks - making for comfortable sleeping for 6 guests.

The all new kitchen, includes a dishwasher, microwave, stainless oven and cooktop, new appliances and fittings and of course a coffee machine (Expressi Multi Beverage Capsule Machine Aldi).

The redwood floorboards have been polished back to the their original state and reflect the lighting of the modern carbon filament lights which combine to recreate the cosy atmosphere of yesteryear beach holidays.

The lounge/dining includes; a new digital flat screen TV (with USB input) , DVD, CD, high quality sound system with blue tooth compatibility for both Apple and Android phones/tablets/MP3/laptops etc.

The back yard has off street parking for 4 vehicles, ample room for a boat and also includes a fish cleaning facility so you can clean your catch easily in the backyard before barbecuing it on the front veranda with sea views.

5 Car Spaces
A Wooli original beachfront shack, right on the beach front.

Christmas and School Holidays - 7 night miniumum stay!

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Main Street, Wooli NSW 2462, Australia

Laundry facilities
Pets not allowed
No smoking
Accept VISA
Accept MasterCard
Fans (ceiling/standard)
Tea/Coffee Making Facilities
Boat Ramp Nearby
Cooking facilities
Gas stove
Heaters provided
Washing machine

i.A booking deposit of 50% of the total tariff plus $33.00 booking fee is required to make your reservation, and forms part of the total tariff payable. If you are booking within four (4) weeks of your arrival date, payment must be made in full at the time of booking.
ii.Deposits are non-transferrable.
iii.The balance of the total tariff is due four (4) weeks prior to arrival. Failure to pay this balance will result in immediate cancellation and all monies paid will be forfeited.
iv.All December and January balances are due by the last day of October. Failure to pay this balance may result in immediate cancellation and all monies paid will be forfeited.
v.All school holiday bookings are a one week minimum except for Wooli River Lodges
vi.Rates listed on our website are reviewed from time to time and are subject to change without notice.

A security bond of $500 is required for all properties. If you pay by credit card our secure cashier will retain your details in case of a bond claim. If you pay by another method you will be asked to transfer the bond amount to our real estate trust account. It will be returned to you as soon as possible after your booking finishes and after we have checked that there is no bond claim. The bond must be arranged in advance of the start of your booking The property keys will not be handed over unless the bond has been arranged to the satisfaction of the office.

This security bond relates to but is not limited to damage, missing items, late departure, noise complaint call-outs, lost key call-outs and replacement, additional cleaning (dishes, BBQ, rubbish removal), doors/windows left open upon vacate, pets being inside when not approved, or pets being at the property if the property does not allow pets. All security bond claims will incur an administration fee calculated at $45.00 per hour.

The office can at their discretion request up to $1500 cash bond for a booking.

A cancellation fee of $83.00 will apply under ANY and ALL circumstances.

i.If the property is relet for the TOTAL period formerly booked by you, only the cancellation fee will be charged and the balance of the deposit paid will be refunded.
ii.If the property is NOT relet for the TOTAL period formerly booked by you, the total deposit paid will NOT be refunded.
iii.Deposits paid are not transferrable.
iv.In the event you are unable to go ahead with your booking due to a natural disaster an option to ‘defer’ the booking may be granted at the owner’s discretion. A deferred booking must be rescheduled for the same property, must be for the same duration as the original booking, will only be allowed during the off peak season and must be completed with 12 months of the date of the original booking.

Keys will not be made available until ALL monies have been paid in full and the bond amount has been arranged. Call-outs for lost or broken keys and/or remotes will be charged at $55.00 per call-out. You will be liable for the cost of any new keys and/or remotes. Costs incurred will be taken out of the security bond.

Terms & Conditions – page 2

Occupation commences from 2pm on the day of arrival, and the premises must be vacated by 10am on the day of departure. Failure to depart by 10am will result in a bond claim which will include the administration fee plus any resulting costs to any third party.

Guests can request an early check-in or late check-out, on the afternoon before the day in question. Approval is subject to the booking not being a changeover booking and approval by the cleaner. Fee for early check-in $50.00. Fee for late check-out $50.00. Please note; this is a non-refundable fee.

The number of occupants, including visitors, of the property must not exceed the number of people noted on the website for the property, or the number of occupants as agreed to upon booking. Failure to comply with this will result in your booking being terminated immediately. You will be asked to vacate the premises and no monies will be refunded.

The premises are rented for holiday purposes only, and for the term stated on the receipt.

Animals and pets are not allowed at the premises unless permitted by the agent on behalf of the owner and advertised on the listing for the property. Animals and pets must be kept OUTSIDE AT ALL TIMES unless the listing states that pets are allowed inside the property.

Where a property is listed as “pet friendly”, this doesn’t mean that it’s fenced – please check that the property matches your requirements. If it’s fenced it doesn’t mean that it will keep your pet inside the fence – all pets are different and have different requirements – please check that the fencing meets your requirements.

If the maximum number of pets is exceeded or if pets are allowed inside the property, for a property where pets are not allowed inside, this is a breach of the contract and your bond may charged for the breach of contract, and/ or for excess cleaning or damage.

No responsibility is taken by the agent, their representatives, tradespersons, cleaners or owners, for the tenants' personal property or any belongings left behind, or for any discrepancies with dates for bookings.

All bookings are made in good faith by the agent for the owners, but may be subject to change as may be notified by the owner or the agent prior to the commencement of the booking. The agent cannot be held responsible for actions taken by the owner of the premises or the occurrences that are outside of the agent’s control. These include;
a)if the property is sold
b)if the tariff in increased prior to your occupation
c)if the property, or it's contents, are altered in any way
d)if the property is withdrawn from letting.

Every reasonable endeavour will be made to find alternate accommodation should this occur, subject to the owner’s authority.
Occupants must allow the agent or a representative to enter the premises to carry out repairs and/or inspections due to a complaint, or, if the property is for sale then four (4) hours notice is given of a sales inspection.
The agent accepts no responsibility for any mis-description of the property. Occupants accept the property as booked and cannot be relocated. In the event of faults and/or malfunctions of appliances or inclusions, there is no obligation for the agent or owner to compensate for this or discount the booking cost.

As the occupant you are responsible for all damages and losses incurred during the term of your occupancy. These are to be reported to the agent and paid for immediately. 

As part of your booking, you are expected to leave the premises clean and tidy, with floors swept, cutlery and cooking utensils washed and put away, rubbish put in the appropriate bins, and the BBQ clean, or additional cleaning fees will be charged. Fish must not be cleaned on the premises. If, upon occupation, the premises or contents fail to meet acceptable cleaning standards, every endeavour will be made to rectify the problem. However, this shall not constitute grounds for cancellation, refund or compensation.

Occupants and/or their visitors shall not park vehicles on the premises, except in the obvious designated areas Please be aware that septic systems underground are easily damaged by the weight of vehicles. Please do not park on the grass at Wooli River Lodges

Terms & Conditions – page 3

All properties have a no smoking policy inside the premises. Smoking is permitted outside and butts must be disposed of in rubbish bin.

Our accommodation is for residential purposes only. Occupants and/or their visitors must not create noise which is offensive to occupiers of neighbouring properties especially between 10pm and 8am and during arrival and departure, Occupants and/or visitors must not engage in anti-social behaviour and must minimize their impact upon the residential amenity of neighbours and local community. Noise pollution is an offence punishable by law and shall result in immediate termination of your accommodation rental. Occupants must notify the agent of any disputes or complaints from neighbours as soon as practicable. Functions are strictly not permitted. Ask the office if you are unsure about having a function at the property.

Occupants and or their visitors are responsible for ensuring property security is maintained throughout the tenancy. Occupants and or their visitors are to ensure all doors and windows are locked and the property is secured when leaving the property and when vacating the property. The occupant will be held liable for any costs incurred due to failure to secure the property in accordance with these terms and conditions. It is recommended that, prior to travel, occupants take out personal property insurance or adequate travel insurance

If you report a maintenance problem, and a tradesman attends and finds that the maintenance visit is deemed unnecessary, the cost of the callout will be taken out of the security bond.

Caravans, poptops, motorhomes, tents are not to be on the property and certainly not to be powered from the property or allowed to use the septic facility. Friends and family are not allowed to park their caravan, poptop or motorhome near the property and stay at the property. The maximum number of guests must not exceed the maximum noted for the property on

The garbage bins are collected fortnightly. Please see the timetable on the fridge at the property for dates of collection. The occupant is responsible for putting the correct bins out on a Tuesday for collection on a Wednesday or Thursday. You may find any or all of the following bins at the property;
Green Lid – Vegetable peelings, lawn clippings and garden refuse. NB: Meat and seafood scraps must be well wrapped in newspaper.
Red Lid – General rubbish including nappies, plastic bags, broken light bulbs or sheet glass
Yellow Lid – Recycling including tins, plastic, glass, paper, cardboard. Further detailed information is located at the property.

It is your responsibility to clean the BBQ at the end of your stay. Unclean BBQs will incur a bond claim to cover extra cleaning. Wooli River Lodges guests are expected to clean the BBQ after they use it.
We expect you to wash, dry and put away all crockery, cutlery and glassware and unpack the dish washer, put out rubbish and leave the property clean and tidy. If the property is left dirty or furniture is not all back where it was at arrival, there will be an excess cleaning charge.
Please return your key to the office, or to the key return box. All guests must vacate the premises before 10am. Late leaving will incur a bond claim
All doors and windows must be locked upon vacate. 
Please do not turn off fridges, televisions or hot water systems (unless otherwise advised).

21. Bucks Parties, SCHOOLIE BOOKINGS and groups of young people
It is your responsibility to inform the office if you are a bucks party, group of schoolies or a group of university or college students or a similar group of young people. An increased bond of $1500.00 transferred to our real estate trust account is required for bookings for these groups. Not informing the office of the schoolie or similar booking may result in us asking you to leave immediately.


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